Depression– Its Symptoms and Treatment

Depression is one of the common problems affects millions today. Even teens are not unaffected by the depression. The problem with depression is that a person going through it may not be aware that he or she is facing depression. Every individual can face depression in his or her life. The studies have shown that both men and women can have depression at any time in their life. The chance of a woman facing depression is more than a man. But some researchers are of view that this is because a woman is more likely to seek treatment than a man. Also the depression in man is more likely to come out in form of anger rather than show in sadness, which usually happens with in a woman.

Symptoms of depression depend on the age, cultural background, gender, and level of education. These symptoms include range of signs. Some person may feel extreme sadness, lack of interest in life, feeling of hopelessness, excessive sleeping or lack of sleep, anxiety, not enjoying the activities, which the person was enjoying previously before the start of the depression, and difficulty in concentration. Besides these symptoms, they may not be able to eat properly. On the top of these symptoms is the thought of suicide.  The thought of suicide is the common link between all depressed persons. Highly creative person may develop some new hobby to get rid of depression. During the depression former prime minister of Great Britain sir Winston Churchill started indulging in painting. And after some time, develop keen interest in paining. His view was that mind takes new a habit and leaves old one, the depression. But every person may not be strong enough to take self therapy in form of new hobby or interest.

The counseling for depression Counseling services in Mumbai becomes important because the depression can lead a person to the take the fatal step of self destruction. There are some physiological issues related with depression. The post traumatic distress disorder can also lead to depression. Withdrawal from alcohol or other substance can also lead to depression

A trained therapist can help a person to deal with depression through the use of cognitive therapy and psychodynamic therapy by counseling. The counseling centers also have group therapy, where a person shares thoughts with other similar persons and gains strength and insight to deal with the issue.  Anti depressants are given to the person in severe cases of depression.  This may lead to some side effects. But the side effects can be a least harmful alternative than the thoughts of suicide. Emotional and psychological Depression counseling services in Mumbai causes of the depression are dealt by the counselor to help a person to come to terms with life. In some cases, the therapy is given in combination of other therapies such as psychotherapy, some herbal treatment, acupuncture or some general exercises, which improve the mood and relieves stress etc. In counseling center, the counselor takes into account the degree of depression and the takes several steps to deal with the issue.