Causes and Management of Major Depressive Disorder

It is estimated that 20% of the population of developed countries are suffering from major depressive disorder that is commonly known as depression. Causes and management of major depressive disorder are discussed in this blog.

Some of the Possible Causes of Depression

There are numbers of causes for the chance of increasing depression. Some of the causes of depression can be physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Depression can be cause by using different types of medications such as Accutane. It is often used by the doctors for the purpose of treatment of acne. Antiviral drug interferon-alpha also increases the risk of depression in individuals. Personal conflicts or disputes between partners, family members and friends, can also increase the chancing of depression.

It is reported that top 10 leading causes of the global burden of disease is depression, as per recent study conducted by world health organization.

Sadness and grief that is caused by death or loss of loved ones can increase the risk of depression. Chances of depression can increase for an individual with a family history of depression. As per recent study conducted, it was reported that the individual starting a new job, getting married and even graduating, have higher chances of having depression as compared to other.

Problems such as mental illness and social isolation can also increase the risk of depression in an individual. Serious health conditions or illness can also increase the risk of depression. It is reported that about 45% of the people with substance abuse problems also have clinical or other form of depression.

Management of Depression

One of the most common forms of management of depression is through psychiatric medication.  In combination with certain prescribed drugs, it was reported that the psychotherapy was extremely effective in management of different forms of depression. Different types of antidepressant pills are used for effective management of depression.

It was reported that the use of psychotherapy and Antidepressant alone was not able to demonstrate any fruitful result. Combination of the antidepressant and the psychotherapy has some fruitful results as compared to other traditional management procedures.

Bright light therapy and meditation are considered to be some of the other modes of treatment used for management of depression.  Many treatment centers in Mumbai provide patients with effective music therapy for management of depression.

A significant dose of music for 3 to 15 sessions has showed fruitful results in some cases of depression.  Greater improvements in cases of depression were observed with 16 to 51 session of music therapy.

Depression Counselling Services in Mumbai with no medication has also shown significant improvement and management of depression.

Total/partial sleep deprivation and Smoking cessation are associated with improving the symptoms of depression in 35 to 65% patients. Healthy sleep has shown a remarkable success in improving the symptoms of depression.

As per recent study, it was reported that the failure or problems in marriage or relationship can cause a significant increase in the symptoms of depression. Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai was effective in improving the symptoms of depression in couples with troubled marriage.


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