Steps to manage stress in daily life

Stress management is simply taking control of all actions that a person does in his or her daily life. Whatever may be the level of stress, there are ways by which one can take control over the stress or at least can mitigate the impact of stress on daily life.

Before taking steps to manage or control the stress, one must understand the nature of the stress and what is the source of the stress.  The fact is that no matter how helpless one feels about the stress, one can take steps to stop the decline and gradually bring positives changes in the life. The first and important step is to identify the stress in life.

Know the source of stress

 Locating the source Stress counseling services in Mumbai of stress can be easy in case of job change, job loss or change in location. But in daily life it can be difficult to exactly pinpoint the source of stress. Sometimes, it is easy to overlook the own thoughts, emotions and behavior that is causing or encouraging the stress in daily life. By closely observing the habits, attitudes and behavior, one can come fairly close the source of stress in daily life

Answer to these questions will help a person to come closely to the source of stress and then it becomes bit easy to manage it effectively. Unless, a person takes responsibility for the stress level, he or she won’t be able to control it.

Everybody has some ways to deal with the stress. The ways are positive or negative. Many people unfortunately have unhealthy ways to deal with the stress.

Steps to manage stress

Physical activity such as light exercises will help to burn frustrations, anger inside the body and person will feel relaxed after that. The exercise period can be increased gradually. The intense activity for 10 minutes will increase heart rate and the sweat will help one to feel relieved. The physical activity can start with just taking walk around the house. The next best things are engage socially and avoid stressful situation or events.

Another important step is to Depression counseling services in Mumbai express your feeling and not let resentment to build up. Also try to find the middle ground with partner for managing stress by compromising a bit. Manage time effectively; it can be a major source of stress. Try to accept the things you cannot control, specially the behavior of others. Avoid the company of those who give you stress. Take    problems as opportunity for personal growth. Learn from your mistakes and expand your personality.



Issues faced by children and need for counseling

Children are not without issues or problems. Though, their issues may seem trivial to adults but for a child, the issue can be very serious affecting normal growth. The normal typical issues faced by a child are;

Learning and development –

Parents cannot decide exactly the need for counseling in learning and development. This is because; children do not exhibit any abnormal learning or development issues in early age. Some child may show slow growth compare to others, Parents cannot decide, whether this is sign of any coming problem or just part of normal growth pace of a child .The parents can ask the teacher to get the real reason if they are not able to decide.

Any child facing serious learning difficulties in school can be given some special class or can be counseled by the professional at the school itself. It is important to take steps before kid starts hating school and school life. It also affects the kid, when they accept this slow growth in studies, as part of their personality. It can develop as serious self esteem issue. So getting counseling for the kid at the right time, saves complicated issues later in life.

Behavior issues –

Behavior issue of the child can be indication of some other problem, which a child may be facing but is not able to communicate. It can be difficulties in school, learning issues, anxiety, frustration or trauma. Once it becomes clear what is behind the kids’ behavior, then therapy can be selected to help the kid. If kid is behaving totally out of the control at school or in home, the professional help can be taken to rein behavior of the child. Neglect of this issue, can affect the mental health of the children .The professional Stress counseling services in Mumbai  help can be in form of psychologist, mental health specialist or behavior psychologist.

Emotional issues –

Any child who is sad, abnormally anxious, and irritated for a long time without apparent reason, must not be neglected. All this issues are manifest of the emotional turmoil through which a child is passing.  The little irritation or anxiety can put child into depression. This may rob the child of vital parts of his childhood. The counseling has to be given before child suffers further and falls behind peer group in academic and social development.

Need for counseling –

 There are some issues when professional help has to be taken immediately for the sake of child and well being of entire family .The counseling Child counseling services in Mumbai  becomes imminent in case of autism, eating disorders and family history of any mental issue.  The confidence and self esteem grows in a child in early stages .If due to any problem, any doubt grows in the mind of the child; it can become difficult to remove it later in the life. That is why the counseling must be given at the first sign of any trouble with normal development of the child.

Causes and Management of Major Depressive Disorder

It is estimated that 20% of the population of developed countries are suffering from major depressive disorder that is commonly known as depression. Causes and management of major depressive disorder are discussed in this blog.

Some of the Possible Causes of Depression

There are numbers of causes for the chance of increasing depression. Some of the causes of depression can be physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Depression can be cause by using different types of medications such as Accutane. It is often used by the doctors for the purpose of treatment of acne. Antiviral drug interferon-alpha also increases the risk of depression in individuals. Personal conflicts or disputes between partners, family members and friends, can also increase the chancing of depression.

It is reported that top 10 leading causes of the global burden of disease is depression, as per recent study conducted by world health organization.

Sadness and grief that is caused by death or loss of loved ones can increase the risk of depression. Chances of depression can increase for an individual with a family history of depression. As per recent study conducted, it was reported that the individual starting a new job, getting married and even graduating, have higher chances of having depression as compared to other.

Problems such as mental illness and social isolation can also increase the risk of depression in an individual. Serious health conditions or illness can also increase the risk of depression. It is reported that about 45% of the people with substance abuse problems also have clinical or other form of depression.

Management of Depression

One of the most common forms of management of depression is through psychiatric medication.  In combination with certain prescribed drugs, it was reported that the psychotherapy was extremely effective in management of different forms of depression. Different types of antidepressant pills are used for effective management of depression.

It was reported that the use of psychotherapy and Antidepressant alone was not able to demonstrate any fruitful result. Combination of the antidepressant and the psychotherapy has some fruitful results as compared to other traditional management procedures.

Bright light therapy and meditation are considered to be some of the other modes of treatment used for management of depression.  Many treatment centers in Mumbai provide patients with effective music therapy for management of depression.

A significant dose of music for 3 to 15 sessions has showed fruitful results in some cases of depression.  Greater improvements in cases of depression were observed with 16 to 51 session of music therapy.

Depression Counselling Services in Mumbai with no medication has also shown significant improvement and management of depression.

Total/partial sleep deprivation and Smoking cessation are associated with improving the symptoms of depression in 35 to 65% patients. Healthy sleep has shown a remarkable success in improving the symptoms of depression.

As per recent study, it was reported that the failure or problems in marriage or relationship can cause a significant increase in the symptoms of depression. Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai was effective in improving the symptoms of depression in couples with troubled marriage.

Depression– Its Symptoms and Treatment

Depression is one of the common problems affects millions today. Even teens are not unaffected by the depression. The problem with depression is that a person going through it may not be aware that he or she is facing depression. Every individual can face depression in his or her life. The studies have shown that both men and women can have depression at any time in their life. The chance of a woman facing depression is more than a man. But some researchers are of view that this is because a woman is more likely to seek treatment than a man. Also the depression in man is more likely to come out in form of anger rather than show in sadness, which usually happens with in a woman.

Symptoms of depression depend on the age, cultural background, gender, and level of education. These symptoms include range of signs. Some person may feel extreme sadness, lack of interest in life, feeling of hopelessness, excessive sleeping or lack of sleep, anxiety, not enjoying the activities, which the person was enjoying previously before the start of the depression, and difficulty in concentration. Besides these symptoms, they may not be able to eat properly. On the top of these symptoms is the thought of suicide.  The thought of suicide is the common link between all depressed persons. Highly creative person may develop some new hobby to get rid of depression. During the depression former prime minister of Great Britain sir Winston Churchill started indulging in painting. And after some time, develop keen interest in paining. His view was that mind takes new a habit and leaves old one, the depression. But every person may not be strong enough to take self therapy in form of new hobby or interest.

The counseling for depression Counseling services in Mumbai becomes important because the depression can lead a person to the take the fatal step of self destruction. There are some physiological issues related with depression. The post traumatic distress disorder can also lead to depression. Withdrawal from alcohol or other substance can also lead to depression

A trained therapist can help a person to deal with depression through the use of cognitive therapy and psychodynamic therapy by counseling. The counseling centers also have group therapy, where a person shares thoughts with other similar persons and gains strength and insight to deal with the issue.  Anti depressants are given to the person in severe cases of depression.  This may lead to some side effects. But the side effects can be a least harmful alternative than the thoughts of suicide. Emotional and psychological Depression counseling services in Mumbai causes of the depression are dealt by the counselor to help a person to come to terms with life. In some cases, the therapy is given in combination of other therapies such as psychotherapy, some herbal treatment, acupuncture or some general exercises, which improve the mood and relieves stress etc. In counseling center, the counselor takes into account the degree of depression and the takes several steps to deal with the issue.