Let The Specialists Help You Find A New Path of Happiness, Away From Depression

logo1Many people don’t realize that they are suffering from severe depression until it is too late. People going through the most primary stages of depression have suffered intensely in their lives. Depression should not be a life sentence. More often than not, there is a sense of personal failure that sets people on the path of sadness and darkness, they feel that they shouldn’t be pulled out of this mess that they have created for themselves, and for those who want to make an effort, it becomes very difficult as they don’t know in whom to confide and where to seek help from.

Depending on the severity of Depression, people come across many consequences that go beyond immediate symptoms. Patients suffer from loss of hope, sleep problems, isolation, irritability, eating disorders, concentration troubles, fatigue, feel of guilt, suicidal tendencies, etc. Depression is as serious as any physical disorder, and should be treated in the exact same way as you would treat a heart problem or a broken bone – anything less than that can worsen the problem even further.imagesThere are many therapists and Depression counselling services in Mumbai that provide positive treatments and therapies to the patients suffering from mental and emotional issues, but one team of counselers that come up most often while talking about counseling centers and clinics in the city is Life Trendz Counseling Services. The treatment center is known for providing result-oriented counseling services to the patients in a non-judgemental and open environment which enable them to freely talk about their issues without having the fear of being judged.

Along with taking care of patients suffering from Depression, Life Trendz Counseling Services is also known for providing therapies and counseling to people who are suffering from Anxiety, Anger Issues, Suicidal Tendencies, Teenage Problems, Concenration problems, etc.downloadClients in Mumbai can also get positive and result-oriented Marriage counselling services in Mumbai which is provided by some of the most experienced and expert marriage counselors working in the city. Reaching out for help from a trained counselor can be a step in the positive direction, and is something that everyone should accept before giving in to all the negativity that life can bring. So, if you know someone who is going through serious depression and should be helped, don’t feel hesitant in getting in contact with the counselors at Life Trendz.


Take your depression out by the best counseling sessions in Mumbai


Due to a hectic schedule, changes in technology and changed lifestyle, many people are falling into depression. The life is very stressful and a prolonged stressful life leads to depression. If stress is not cured at an early stage and is not handled properly can lead to a severe depression.

There are many ways to cure depression like meditation, medication, increasing self-motivational power, trying to be positive regarding things, and trying to keep oneself calm. But all this can be possible only if the person has high will power and is emotionally intelligent. A person should be emotionally strong and should know how to balance and handle his/ her emotions.

There can be various reasons for a person to get depressed. The reasons can be being a victim of domestic violence, an extra pressure in childhood, over expectations by parents, family pressure, tension regarding job and career, failure in personal relationship, loss of a dear one, unhappy married life etc. There can be various such reasons, which can lead a person to stress and if not handled properly, then to depression.

The very first thing needed to cure stress is support of family. If the family of the person is supportive enough to tackle the issues with empathy instead of sympathy, and they understand the patient from a correct point of view and tries to figure out the right solution to the problem, then the situation of stress can be cured at a very initial stage. But sometimes even the near and dear ones don’t get the problems and are unable to solve them properly. At this time situation gets worst, and the behavior of the person starts getting changed.

The individual starts getting irritated on petty issues. He/ she loses his temper very quickly, he/she loses self-confidence and loses the interest in life. He/ she starts avoiding social gatherings, starts ignoring others and starts liking living aloof. He motivational level goes down and slowly and gradually he becomes a patient of depression.

Counselling services in Mumbai is the best centre for counseling such depressed patients. The doctors believe in curing the patient through counseling sessions instead of medication.

The environment of the clinic is friendly enough to make the patient feel at ease. This environment of depression counselling services in Mumbai helps the patient to talk frankly to the doctor so that doctor can counsel him/ her and treat him/ her properly.

Marriage counseling can save marriage from irreversible step – divorce

logo1It is strange that person do not think twice before going to a doctor in case of a cold or cough but take a long time in taking a professional help to iron out issue in marriage. The couples never give counseliing a thought during difficult patch in married life. The inevitable is taken for granted that the marriage is going to the court for final divorce.

But studies have proved time and again, that the counseling from professionals can help the couple to avoid taking final divorce step. It has shown the couples can smoothly iron out difference between them without any bitterness in front of an experienced and qualified counselor.

Whenever, the couples or either partners thinks that relationship is no longer same and difference are poping up, they must understand that need for a professional help is desperately needed. The aim of counseling is to improve your mental well being.

Effectiveness of counseling –

counseling services Marriage counselling services in Mumbai helps couples to vent their pent up feelings and remove communication gap. This communication helps couples to deal with tissues that are coming up in the marriage. They are taught that dealing with issues is possible within marriage.

The counselor starts with interviews and then conducts joint counseling sessions. After some sessions, the couples realize that they are now communicating in positive manner. The couples also learn about each other and this is the start of the mending process. The distance decreases and couple note some positive changes in the home between them. The arguments may be there but they are not as bitter as they used to be.

The counselor helps couples to reach to the core of the issues and shows that the main base of the problem was just misconception against each other.

The couple must go to a counselor who is experienced in marriage counseling or has specialization in marriage counseling. A professional counselor should not take sides and must provide a balanced view on issues faced by couples.

Sometimes a person is unaware that he or she is passing through a depression phase. At that time, a session with an experienced therapist Depression counselling services in Mumbai will prevent further slip into depression and help a person to cope with life and its challenges. The services will help to change the behavior that has not worked and adopt the behavior that leads you to better life and situations.

Causes and Management of Major Depressive Disorder

It is estimated that 20% of the population of developed countries are suffering from major depressive disorder that is commonly known as depression. Causes and management of major depressive disorder are discussed in this blog.

Some of the Possible Causes of Depression

There are numbers of causes for the chance of increasing depression. Some of the causes of depression can be physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Depression can be cause by using different types of medications such as Accutane. It is often used by the doctors for the purpose of treatment of acne. Antiviral drug interferon-alpha also increases the risk of depression in individuals. Personal conflicts or disputes between partners, family members and friends, can also increase the chancing of depression.

It is reported that top 10 leading causes of the global burden of disease is depression, as per recent study conducted by world health organization.

Sadness and grief that is caused by death or loss of loved ones can increase the risk of depression. Chances of depression can increase for an individual with a family history of depression. As per recent study conducted, it was reported that the individual starting a new job, getting married and even graduating, have higher chances of having depression as compared to other.

Problems such as mental illness and social isolation can also increase the risk of depression in an individual. Serious health conditions or illness can also increase the risk of depression. It is reported that about 45% of the people with substance abuse problems also have clinical or other form of depression.

Management of Depression

One of the most common forms of management of depression is through psychiatric medication.  In combination with certain prescribed drugs, it was reported that the psychotherapy was extremely effective in management of different forms of depression. Different types of antidepressant pills are used for effective management of depression.

It was reported that the use of psychotherapy and Antidepressant alone was not able to demonstrate any fruitful result. Combination of the antidepressant and the psychotherapy has some fruitful results as compared to other traditional management procedures.

Bright light therapy and meditation are considered to be some of the other modes of treatment used for management of depression.  Many treatment centers in Mumbai provide patients with effective music therapy for management of depression.

A significant dose of music for 3 to 15 sessions has showed fruitful results in some cases of depression.  Greater improvements in cases of depression were observed with 16 to 51 session of music therapy.

Depression Counselling Services in Mumbai with no medication has also shown significant improvement and management of depression.

Total/partial sleep deprivation and Smoking cessation are associated with improving the symptoms of depression in 35 to 65% patients. Healthy sleep has shown a remarkable success in improving the symptoms of depression.

As per recent study, it was reported that the failure or problems in marriage or relationship can cause a significant increase in the symptoms of depression. Marriage Counselling Services in Mumbai was effective in improving the symptoms of depression in couples with troubled marriage.